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  • Where Jazz Lives

    1 season

    A new original series that explores the culture of jazz in cities around the world, Where Jazz Lives' first season is available now. Travel to Kansas City, Seattle, Amsterdam, Newark, and Paris and meet the musicians, educators, promoters, and historians who define their local scenes.

  • The Democracy! Suite

    “Jazz music is the perfect metaphor for democracy," says famed trumpeter Wynton Marsalis. At a time when America—and indeed, the whole world—finds itself at a crossroads, the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer has been inspired to write a poignant and buoyant work, "The Democracy! Suite," which prov...

  • Jack Rudin Jazz Championship: Awards Ceremony

    Watch as the awards are announced for 2023's Jack Rudin Jazz Championship.

  • Wynton Marsalis's SPACES

    Appropriate for all ages, this special concert was the debut performance of a previously unfinished work. Composed with the concept of an “animal ballet” in mind, Wynton Marsalis’s SPACES will attempt to recapture the natural fascination we have with the sounds and movements of animals. Movement ...

  • A Night in the Life

    2 seasons

    Have you ever wondered what your favorite jazz musician's day looks like? What they do before the gig? Well, make sure you check out Jazz at Lincoln Center's original series: A NIGHT IN THE LIFE.

    A NIGHT IN THE LIFE gives you an inside look into what a jazz musician's day looks like. Yet, no ...

  • Recollect
    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    In RECOLLECT, Blue Engine Records takes some of the world's greatest jazz musicians on record shopping sprees, digging up forgotten favorites and certified classics in the process. Go behind the recording process with the artists who know it best and learn the stories behind your favorite albums ...